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SCFL Affiliates


Represents health care and maintenance workers at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital (Madison)

Represents State of Wisconsin blue collar, clerical, technical, security, and public safety classified employees in downtown Madison, law enforcement (state capitol police)

AFSCME Local #13-M

Represents State of Wisconsin blue collar, administrative support, security, public safety, and technical classified employees at the State of Wisconsin Mendota Mental Health Center.

AFSCME Local #52 Retirees


AFSCME Retirees meet the third Tuesday monthly except for June, July and August at Madison Labor Temple starting at 10:30 am.

Represents school and municipal employees in Dane County. Main employers under contract are City of Madison, City of Sun Prairie, City of Middleton, Town of Madison, Mt Horeb, Village of McFarland, Monona Library, Village of Oregon: Madison, Oregon, Monona, and Sun Prairie school districts. Blue collar workers at school districts.

AFSCME Local #65

Represents Dane County highway, zoo, expo center employees, and Dane County ramp.

AFSCME Local #171

Represents State of Wisconsin blue collar, technical, and security classified employees at the UW-Madison, UW-Baraboo, and UW-Rock County and UW System and administrative personnel & UW extension.

AFSCME Local #333

Represents Inspectors- Statewide membership.

AFSCME Local #705

Represents workers at the Dane County Badger Prairie Health Care Center and Dane County Consolidated Food Service.

Represents county paraprofessional, clerical, parks, and maintenance workers.

AFSCME Local #1205

Represents RN's, LPN's, and collection technicians employed by the Red Cross in Madison, Green Bay, & La Crosse, Wisconsin & Dubuque, Iowa.

AFSCME Local #1323

Represents Dodge County Highway workers.

AFSCME Local #1323-B

Represents Dodge County Law Enforcement (Sworn Deputies)

AFSCME Local #1323-C

Represents Mayville Police Department

AFSCME Local #1323-E

Represents Dodge County Law Enforcement (Non-Sworn - jailers)

AFSCME Local #1323-G

Represents Dodge County Clerical & Technical Support Staff

AFSCME Local #1558

Represents technicians, secretaries, drivers, support staff, and printer at Badger Regional Blood Center.

AFSCME Local #1871

Represents professionals across Dane County Government.

AFSCME Local #1942

Represents blue collar, administrative support, and technical workers at UW Hospitals & Clinics.

AFSCME Local #2412

Represents UW-Madison administrative support.

AFSCME Local #2634

Represents social workers employed by Dane County

AFSCME Local #6000

AFT Local #223

Represents UW-Madison faculty and academic staff.

AFT Local #243

Represents full-time teachers, counselors, full-time, and part-time support staff at Madison College.

AFT Local #1917

Represents teachers at Wisconsin Heights School District

AFT Local #3220

Represents grad student workers at UW-Madison including teaching, project, and research assistants.

AFT Local #3497

Represents UW-Madison faculty and academic staff.

AFT Local #3732

Represents State of Wisconsin environmental scientists, forensic scientists, medical technologists, foresters, chemists, microbiologists, hydro-geologists, veterinarians, pharmacists, fisheries, and wildlife biologists, public health sanitarians, natural resource educators, and research scientists, waste, air, and water specialists.

AFT Local #4848

Represents State of Wisconsin fiscal and staff services classified employees.

AFT Local #4999

Represents State of Wisconsin employees research, statistics, and analysis bargaining unit.


Allied Printing Trades Council of Milwaukee & Madison

APWU Local #241

Represents Postal Workers, clerks, maintenance & Motor Vehicle Craft employees employed by the US Postal Service.

BAC Local #34

Represents active & retired workers.

BAC Local #21

BAC Local #13-B

Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin

CWA Local #4603

Wells Print & Digital & Littel Printing

CWA Local #4630

Represents workers employed by: AT&T and all AT&T subsidiaries including Tucker Technologies: Operator Services: Lucent Technologies: Johnson Controls World Services: Television Wisconsin WISC-TV in Madison.

CWA Local #4622

Represents workers employed by AT&T

DALU Local #24111

Represents newspaper editors, advertisers, and circulators. Main employer under contract, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Graphic Communications Conference Local #577-M

Represents pressmen, bookbinders, lithographers, and photoengravers at Wells Print and Digital Services.

IAFF Local #311

Represents City of Madison firefighters, paramedics, apparatus engineers, lieutenants, and captains. Also represents City of Monona firefighters and paramedics, Middleton fire and paramedics, Oregon firefighters, Sun Prairie paramedics, Fitchburg fire and paramedics, Verona fire and paramedics.

IAFF Local #3432

Represents Beaver Dam firefighters.

IAHFI Local #19

Construction Building Trades.

IAM Local #873

Represents production workers at John Deere

IAM Local #1367

Western Industries, Kusei Equipment, DeLaRue

IAM Local #1406

Represents employees at Datex-Ohmeda part G.E. Medical Systems, Federal Industries, Unmin Corp. Sussek Machine Corp. Research Products, Richland Grant Telephone Coop.

IAM Local #2053

Represents employees at Maysteel-Allenton, Gleason Reel, Mayville Tool & Die, Mayville Metalcraft, and Anchor-Danly.

IAM Local #2054

Gardner Manufacturing in Horicon and Metco in Beaver Dam.

IAM Local #2269


IATSE Local #251

Represents stagehands, lighting, sound, and carpentry services at theatrical and concert houses, trade shows, and conventions. Main employers under contract are Frank Productions Inc, City of Madison. Represents motion picture operators & service technicians at movie houses and other presentation venues.

IBEW Local #159

Represents journeyman electricians for contractors, the State of Wisconsin county electricians, city electricians, and city of Madison School District electricians.

IBEW Local #715

Represents television engineers and photo journalists.

IBEW Local #965

Represents utility physical and clerical workers and manufacturing employees at Alliant Energy.

IBEW Local #2150

Represents employees in energy & utility related industries. Primary work in generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity & natural gas and their clerical & technical support staff at investor owned & cooperative utilities.

IBEW Local #2304

Represents line techs, meter testers, power plant, and gas distribution employees.

Ironworkers Local #383

Represents iron workers (bridge, structural, ornamental, reinforcing rods, and welding), riggers, and machine movers

IUEC Local #132

Represents elevator constructors.

IUOE Local #139

Represents operating engineers.

IUPAT Local #802

Represents painters, sign painters, paperhangers, sandblasters, water blasters, drywall finishers employed by contractors, State of Wisconsin, City of Madison, and Dane County & Madison School Board.

IUPAT Local #941

Represents glaziers and glassworkers.

LIUNA Local #236

Represents City of Madison street, motor equipment, engineering departments, and library employees.

LIUNA Local #464

Represents construction laborers.

Madison City Attorney Association


Asst City Attorneys & EOC Hearing Examiner positions employed by the City of Madison.


Represents teachers, education assistants, clericals, substitute teachers, and other support staff and paraprofessionals employed by the Madison Metro School District.

NALC Local #507

Represents US Postal Service, letter carriers.

Union Name Local #

Represents (description)