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Know your rights to form and join a Union

Most private sector workers have the right to form and join a Union. New resources on the US Dept of Labor website educates workers about their rights and protections.


Union Members and Dane County Workers Need our Solidarity and Support!

AFSCME has been working with labor champions on the County Board of Supervisors as well as the Corporation Counsel (Dane County's legal department).   An ordinance amendment has been introduced which will codify key provisions of an Employee Benefit Handbook into law. These core tenants are PRO-UNION!  Below is what this ordinance will accomplish:

  • Protect our rights to communicate with each other via email

  • Protect our rights to talk with stewards and other EGR officials about work-related issues without loss of pay

  • Protect our rights to the grievance process as a formal way to resolve disputes with supervisors and managers

  • Protect our rights to educate new employees about our EGR without interference or intimidation

To support the workers, please consider attending the next Personnel & Finance meeting at the City County Building on Monday, February 6th at 5:30 PM (room 351).

Can't make it in person on Monday? You can still help out by registering in support online before 5:00 pm, February 6. Simply click the zoom link: and register in support of 2022 OA-059. (See sample screen shot below.)

Even though these are basic tenets of healthy labor relations, and despite the proposal's support from Dane County's legal department, there are still those within county management who oppose this Bill of Rights for workers.

We are optimistic the Dane County Board still recognizes the value of giving Dane County employees a union voice, but a display of solidarity is important! Please attend and/or register in support of these fundamental workers rights.


Black history is Black joy. It’s a celebration of culture and community. It’s coming together to fight for freedom and justice.

Black workers have always been a crucial part of the fight for justice in the labor movement: from helping to organize the meatpacking industry to the Pullman strike to the sanitation workers striking in Memphis.


Even now, workers of color are on the front lines, leading the most recent wave of organizing.


So this month, we celebrate great labor leaders like A. Philip Randolph, Hattie Canty and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who won historic victories for Black working people.


And we pledge to continue our fight against racism in the workplace, racism in society and the economic exploitation of Black people.


January 22 should have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Instead, we’re fighting to keep the government out of our personal health care decisions.


If we can’t make choices about our own bodies and families, working people cannot do our jobs and contribute to our economy. Reproductive rights and worker rights are both fundamental freedoms that must be protected. 


With broken labor laws and Roe v. Wade overturned, our fundamental freedoms now depend on where we live.   

States that don’t protect abortion? They don’t protect workers’ rights either. 

See the map comparing states that have abortion bans and anti-worker laws like "right to work."

See a guide on talking about reproductive health care as an economics issue, which you can use when organizing and talking to union members and your entire community.


31st Annual National Association of Letter Carriers’ (NALC) Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive


On May 13, letter carriers across the country will pick up donations for the largest annual single-day food drive in the United States.


For the actual Stamp Out Hunger Drive on May 13, anyone can make a tax-deductible food donation, and the collected food items will be distributed to more than 10,000 food agencies across the country. NALC’s website for the campaign contains more information and useful links for organizers, partners, sponsors and working people.


Listen to Oakwood Village Caregivers and Employees!


Please support the workers and sign an Open Letter to CEO Reginald Hislop III and the Oakwood Village Board of Directors.

Oakwood Village employees, united together as SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, are dedicated to improving care and jobs so that residents receive the highest possible standard of care that they need and deserve.

Since January 2020, almost a thousand employees have left Oakwood Village, including 208 during the first half of 2022 alone. Too many shifts go unfilled or are filled with agency caregivers who do not know the facility or the residents who call Oakwood their home. When shifts go unfilled, workers are not able to provide the therapeutic care that residents deserve.

Please sign the petition here:


When we say UNION, you say POWER!!!!  Congrats to the workers at Noble Knight Games, the largest game store in the region!


Workers have been organizing at Noble Knight Games for over a year.  This morning, Noble Knight Games (NKG) has done what 95% of privately-owned companies fail to do: they have voluntarily recognized their workers' union! The workers stood strong!  With the support of the CWA, the South Central Federation of Labor, community members, and ALL OF YOU, the workers have achieved this!

A message from the workers:  "After careful discussion and feedback from the workers, Noble Knight Games has made the decision to recognize the union. We are feeling ecstatic and we have *a very important ask* of you all! Show NKG some love. They've expressed to us their intent to be reasonable and to bargain in good faith. Tag the official accounts with supportive words, leave celebratory reviews, & express your excitement for the future of NKG and the community!

We truly love working here and we want NKG to thrive. We're honored and grateful to serve such a supportive community in Madison, the US, and around the world. We appreciate everything you have done and hope you'll continue support as we enter the bargaining phase!"

✊️🎲❤️ #WeRollTogether#CompleteYourQuest

Order On-line and pick up your order at the store BEFORE December 8th. 

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Get Your Proud Union Home yard sign!

For only $10 you can get your Union-made (right here in Wisconsin) sign by contacting us at:

Email for a time to pick your sign up. 

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