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Know your rights to form and join a Union

Most private sector workers have the right to form and join a Union. New resources on the US Dept of Labor website educates workers about their rights and protections.

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Article printed in Union Labor News, Summer Special Edition 2024

Don't get hoodwinked, Vote NO to the proposed amendments

The Voice of Working Families in South Central Wisconsin

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     2024-25 Scholarship Winners



The South Central Federation of Labor has awarded a $1,000 scholarship by lottery drawing to the sons and daughters of area union members. In addition, SCFL's Dodge County Chapter has awarded two $500 scholarships. Here are the winners!


Kaylee Odden, is majoring in biology and minoring in criminal justice at Loyola University Chicago. She currently works in a microbiology lab at the university where she researches microplastics and pharmaceutical interactions with algae. Kaylee plans to pursue a master's degree in a biology-related field, and eventually continue with a career in biological lab work. Cindy Odden, Kaylee’s guardian, is a member of USW 904-L, who is employed at Contitech.

Dodge Scholarship Winners


Maddox Fleming, will be studying psychology at Pennsylvania State University. Maddox’s parent, Adalberto Rodriguez, is a member of IAMAW Local Lodge 873.

Ali Kelm, daughter of Tony Kelm, a member of IAMAW Local Lodge 873, will be studying psychology at UW Platteville. 

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Calling on UW Health to Respect Nurses and
Honor their Right to a Union Election

UW Health nurses are united for their patients and their profession. The Dane County Circuit Court ruled on March 22, 2024, that UW Health is a “political subdivision of the state.” Political subdivisions are covered under the Municipal Employment Relations Act (MERA) so UW Health Nurses United filed for a union election under MERA on March 25, 2024 with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC).

This recent court ruling has created a path to secure union recognition. Call on UW Health: Respect nurses and honor our right to a union election.

Sign the petition here:

The South Central of Federation (SCFL) AFL-CIO is raising money for organizing efforts throughout Dane County and the surrounding area. The amount of new unionization efforts our office has received in the past few years is unprecedented.  In the last year alone, it has tripled.   For the vast majority of these campaigns, workers are not with a union right away.  Until the workers choose a union, SCFL works with them for months, sometimes up to a year.  Because of our assistance, workers are better prepared when they do end up with a union.  To continue our success, SCFL needs funding to assist in the very critical, initial stages for workers to organize into a union.   


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Get Your Proud Union Home yard sign!

For only $10 you can get your Union-made (right here in Wisconsin) sign by contacting us at:

Email for a time to pick your sign up. 

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