photo(17)As the voice of working people in local communities across the United States, the AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils are the heart of the American labor movement.

By uniting the labor movement and mobilizing the local community, the Councils play a critical role on local, state and national issues as we work to accomplish our mission “To organize in the community to promote social justice for all working people.”

The South Central Federation of Labor or SCFL has close to 100 affiliates representing over 30,000 workers in South Central Wisconsin.


SCFL Executive Board

Kevin Gundlach

David Mandehr
Vice President – MTI

Joan Grosse, Recording
Secretary – DALU 24111

Sarah Przybylski, Financial Sec./
Treasurer – OPEIU Local 39

Beth Miller
Trustee – AFT Local 3220 (TAA)

Tim Sullivan
Trustee – SMART Local 565

Dave Poklinkoski
Trustee – IBEW Local 2304

Lisa Goodman
Sgt.-at-Arms – IBEW Local 159

Darrel Schepp
Dodge Chapter Rep. – IAM Lodge 873

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