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Kevin Gundlach Elected SCFL President

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Kevin Gundlach was elected President of the South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL) at the delegates meeting on January 16.

“It’s a challenging time,” Gundlach said after the vote. “In the short term, we have to win back Wisconsin by electing a pro-labor governor and win back collective bargaining rights for public employees.”

In the longer term, he hopes to “organize the organized and the unorganized”—by energizing and rebuilding the local labor movement and by reaching out to community groups and those who are disenfranchised by the current system.

Gundlach is a longtime activist and has held a number of elected positions in his union, AFSCME Local 705. He also did a lot of organizing to bring people into the streets during the Wisconsin Uprising last spring.

“I believe we need an electoral strategy and direct action—as long as it works.”

During the campaign for SCFL president, Gundlach stressed the need to bring people together. One of his first tasks it to actively reach out to those who voted for his opponent.

Gundlach beat out J. Eric Cobb in an issue oriented race.

“We have a lot of challenges,” Gundlach said. “We need to approach things with ideas. This can’t stop with an election.”

The delegates also elected David Mandehr, vice president, Joan Grosse, secretary, Ann McNeary, financial secretary-treasurer, Louie Pody, sergeant- at-arms and D.J. Dixon, trustee. All officers serve two year terms.

Delegates from 59 unions cast votes representing nearly 27,000 area union members.

Long time board members Kim Genich and Anne Habel did not run for re-election. Longtime SCFL president Jim Cavanaugh is retiring and did not run for re-election.


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